How Dynamics 365 updates work

Overview and key points

During the Business Applications Summit in Seattle, Luis Camino and Darshan Desai gave more details about the new release cadence and timelines:
  • 2 major updates per year: April and October
  • Version 10.0 is coming out in April 2019
  • It will be possible to update sandbox environments prior to production to test updates
  • It will be possible to chose an upgrade date for Production environments, but if no date is defined, environments will get automatically upgraded so that all customers are on the same latest version.
  • Updates are supposed to be backward compatible, so apps and customizations should continue to work post update. New features with potentially disruptive changes to the user experience are off by default. This means administrators will be able to test first then opt-in to enable these features for their organization
  • Deprecated features will be announced 12 months in advance
  • 8.2 Dynamics 365 CE customers have until January 31 2019 to upgrade to 9.0
  • Next update for Dynamics CE On-Premise will come out in Q4 2018

Useful resources

Key slides from the Business App Summit session