Unified Interface: prepare for take off!

During the Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Shilpa Sinha, who is in charge of the Unified Interface at Microsoft detailed some key points on the current status of the Unified Interface and its roadmap:

  • Important missing features (e.g. Advanced Find) are coming as early as August in an Hybrid Experience. This mode will prevent application "leaks" (meaning that if you click on a record in Advanced Find results, it will open in the Unified Interface, not the Classic Web interface).
  • Starting this August, new customers will default to the new Unified Interface. The classic URL *.crm.dynamics.com/main.aspx will redirect to the Apps selector landing page, preventing users from accessing the Classic Web interface.
  • With the October 2018 Release, for new customers, Unified Interface will be the ONLY option when creating a new app module.
  • A global switch will be introduced to enable or disable Side by Side (SxS) experiences for the organization (i.e. users switching from Classic Web to Unified Interface)
  • Current customers of the Classic Web Interface will be able to keep doing so for a bit of time, but Microsoft will shut this option at some point in time (they are following customer feedback and global usage telemetry).

So start learning now about the Unified Interface

Here are the slides of the key takeaways