MultiSelect Option Sets in Dynamics 365 / CDS for Apps

With the July 2017 Update of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (v9.0), Microsoft introduced a long awaited feature: MultiSelect Option Set. As a matter of fact, it was not possible, until now, to select multiple values in a pick-list. 

MultiSelect Option Sets are available for both the Enterprise Edition and the Business Edition of Dynamics 365, although they look a bit different (more on that later).

From a customization perspective, they are simply a new type of field:

What you need to know about MultiSelect Option Set

  • They cannot be used to sort a view. 
  • They cannot be calculated fields or roll-up fields. So their field type is read-only and always “simple”. 
  • They can use existing Option Sets. This means that global Option Sets can be used by both regular and MultiSelect Option Sets. 
  • In a view, for a record, the options they contain are ordered by the Option Set value, disregarding the set order of the options. 

Look-and-feel differences between the Web Client Visual Refresh and the Unified Interface

On the new “Unified Interface” (available with the Business Edition), they look like this:

When their values are edited, they look like:

In views, only the first alphabetical option is shown to the user, and “+ X more” is displayed.

On the the regular “Web Client Visual Refresh” (only supported user interface in the Enterprise Edition), they look slightly similar on forms:

In views however, you can display all selected options:

What about the Advanced Find?

They are quite similar to regular Option Sets, but you now have to distinguish between the “Contain Values” and “Equals” operators.

The “Contain Value” operator in the query will return any results that contain at least the selected options. So in the following example, all records that contain A (even if they are set to A and B)

The “Equals” operator will only return results that offer an exact match: this means the exact same set of options selected.